How to Prepare Your Home for the Market

Top Spaces Sellers Overlook When Preparing Their Home for Market

Getting your home ready for market has never been easier than with our Prudden Concierge service. Preparing your home for market may sound daunting, but we’re here to help you get it done fast and looking fabulous. Here are a few of my tips for making that happen.

First Impression Firsts

The saying “make a good first impression” is never more important than when selling your home. This last tip includes three items that should be considered when getting your home ready for market. The three “first impressions” that set the tone for any home are First Glance from getting out of your car, Front Door when entering the home, and First Room.

The First Glance is one of the most memorable for any buyer. Just like meeting a person for the first time, you usually make an opinion of that person within the first few minutes of meeting them. It’s the same with a house. The minute you step out of your car you will form an opinion of the house without even seeing the interiors.

Look at the front of your home from the sidewalk or walk across the street and look from a distance because –  it’s easier to see the bigger picture further away. Look for overgrown landscaping, missing shingles on the roof or seeds sprouting in the roof gutters. These are simple maintenance items that make a negative first impression. Prune any dead branches from trees, clean any debris from garden beds, and keep the yard looking great.

The Front Door is a biggie. The front door holds a lot of symbolism. It represents a new beginning, entering into a new world, and the gate that opens new possibilities for those that choose to enter. Make sure the front door looks great – enough said.

And finally, the First Room. All first impressions shift for better or worse, when the buyer walks into the home and sees that First Room for the first time. This is the moment when the buyer will decide if this is the house for them. 

This is where photo styling and staging take over and tell the story of the home. The First Room experience sets the tone for the entire tour experience. This is where you want to make a positive impression. Think of buyers as weekend guests at a high-end hotel or resort. Consider their needs as if they were staying in the home for the next few days. If you do this, the buyer will subconsciously think you’ve made the accommodations for them. Nothing says welcome to your new home than impeccable service.

Preparing your home for market has never been more important. Prudden Concierge can help you make that happen. And with a few Tips of the Trade to help you get your property ready for market, you are well ahead of the competition. 

Utility Rooms

Another overlooked space is the Utility Room. Think of this space as the heart of the home – if the utility room is not clean, free of debris, and brightly lighted, buyers will be skeptical. 

Perhaps the buyer is an engineer, or has a mechanics background. If they’re not impressed with the mechanicals of the home they will most likely walk away resulting in a lost opportunity. 

Make sure the room doesn’t become a closet for other items. The utility room should only house the mechanicals. Buyers may want to inspect the furnace and if they can’t get close enough to see it they will lose interest. 

The goal is to be one step ahead of your buyer, anticipating many different people looking at your home, and thinking about what might be the one thing that triggers their interest. A well-maintained utility room may be the one thing that gets the right offer.


One of the most overlooked areas when preparing a house for market, is the garage. The garage is one room that can either put a buyer over the top or leave them feeling underwhelmed. Think of the garage as a room you live in. Imagine the garage as additional real estate – not just a storage locker for your car and lawn mower. 

I suggest installing drywall, taping and painting – if not already. This will make the garage look like new construction. Replace old light bulbs with brighter LED light bulbs and install more overhead light sockets if necessary. A bright space looks bigger and helps buyers see the updates and improvements. 

Try to empty as much out as possible. A three-car garage should look like three cars will fit – with room to spare. Never underestimate who your buyer is. They may have a vintage sports car or fancy boat – if so, they will definitely remember your home when making their decision. Memory recall results in second showings. Second showings bring you one step closer to an offer. 

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