Your Property, Our Priority

Protecting your real estate investment, while maximizing its potential

Our management experts will work with you to discuss your property and expectations and provide a stress-free way to protect your investment.

Prudden Cares

Whether you own a condo, townhome, single-family home or a multi-family unit, our experienced team will work to ensure your investment property is carefully and responsibly managed.

Rent Invoicing and Collection

Our online rent collection system ensures effective and timely rent collection. We direct deposit monthly rental income to our owners bank account.

Tenant Turnover

Prepare a rental analysis advising owners of Current rental market value

Rental Licensing

Our team will manage your annual license renewal and will go “on the line” on City rental licenses as the appointed agent (a requirement for any owner that lives outside the metro area).

Maintenance Requests

Preparation of year-end financial reports to ensure you are up to date on your properties financials.

Rent Protection

Late or missing rent payments? Our team will pursue rent collection, impose late fees and if necessary impose evictions and legal actions.


Prices and fees are billed monthly and are subject to a 12-month contract. One time setup and administration fee of $100.00 not included.

Packages Offered by Prudden

  • Condominiums & Townhomes
  • Single-Family Homes
  • Short-Term Management
  • Rent Collection & Licensing Only

A La Carte Services

Non-contract services offered below are billed individually. Contact our management team for further details.

Market Readiness Assessment

Includes a thorough visual inspection and follow-up with written assessment of the unit and repair recommendations.

Individual Inspections

Single pre and/or post-lease inspections or one-time visual inspection of occupied units during terms of the lease.

Investment Analysis

Consultation with our real estate experts to identify betterments and improvements that may add value to your property.

Project Management

Includes coordination and supervision of any large maintenance or repair request outside of general maintenance issues and normal wear and tear. i.e. capital improvements, remodeling, etc.

Insurance Claims

Includes coordination and supervision of insurance claims i.e. wind and hail, water damage, theft, fire and lightning, flooding, personal liability, etc.

Insurance Coverage

Includes procuring appropriate insurance coverage for both owners and renters. Owners are required to carry an HO6 insurance policy and renters are required to carry an HO4 insurance policy.

Preventative Maintenance

From roof inspections to filter changes, our team will coordinate routine maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your investment. We identify small problems and fix them, before they become big ones!

Snowbird & Vacant Home Management

Weekly to monthly inspections and storm checks to ensure your property is protected. Our team will monitor thermostats, run faucets & toilets, inspect windows, doors, lights, mail, appliances, even your plants to give you peace of mind while you're away. Additional maintenance & service requests available upon request.

Year-End Financials

Provide year-end certificate of rent paid to Tenants, as well as 1099-misc forms for Owners.

Service Areas

Throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul area and metro.

Prudden Rental & Investment Management Fees

Inquire to receive pricing information about our Rental & Investment Management service.