Also known as the Warehouse District, the North Loop is a vibrant neighborhood known for its cool start-up vibe and indie coffee shops, chic bars and nightlife. Converted warehouses from the late 19th and early 20th centuries contain fashion and design boutiques. One of the extraordinary aspects of the North Loop is the amount of world-class eateries within walking distance from the heart of the neighborhood.

Favorite Bars

Marvel Bar, Jetset, Dalton & Wade, The Loop, Parlour Bar, The Basement Bar, Bev’s Wine Bar

Favorite Coffeeshop

Moose & Sadie's, Spyhouse, Bachelor Farmer

Favorite Restaurants

Spoon and Stable; Bar La Grassa; 112 Eatery, Kado No Mise, Borough, Red Rabbit

Must See

Target Field, Monte Carlo, Hewing Hotel