Amber Tyrrell

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  • 15+ years experience in multi-state real estate investment properties
  • 7+ year leader in luxury wine sales and distribution for the leading beverage distributors in Minnesota
  • Certified Interior Color Consultant


  • Level 3 Sommelier
  • Serial World Traveler
  • Fine art Photographer

Amber joined Prudden Company after a long term career in luxury wine sales and distribution. A 3rd level sommelier, it naturally clicked for Amber to move into real estate, with her experience of being a successful “matchmaker” between a premium commodity and discerning buyers who have specific needs and wants. Amber’s personal experience in real estate is a passion. She has been buying and selling real estate for over twenty years and currently owns two successful investment properties between Montana and Florida. Her lifelong interest in real estate is two-fold and includes constant analytical market research to forecast what will be the smartest real estate investment property buy, given the current economic atmosphere, as well as, an organic ambition of pairing consumers with a home that meets their specific desired criteria. Amber is dedicated in helping people find the home of their dreams while offering the absolute best client experience. Amber graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and a minor in Fine Art Photography. In addition to her formal education, she was certified in Interior Color Consulting from the International Association of Color Consultants-North America. Amber calls herself a serial traveler, lived several years in Spain and is fluent in Spanish. She enjoys challenging hikes, is a fitness enthusiast and golfs just well enough to enjoy it.

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